Meet Cadence

The smart birth control system that helps you take your pill on time and offers personal reproductive health insights.


Birth Control, the Smart Way.

1 out of 10 women on the pill get pregnant each year due to missed doses. Cadence takes the headache out of birth control, keeping your doses timely and answering all the questions that distract you from living your life. 

Why Cadence?

Take the pill more consistently

The Cadence Smart Compact will track when you take pills and provide smart, but flexible, reminders until you've actually taken your pill. Cadence learns your habits to help you take the pill at the time that's best for you.

Receive 1:1 help when scares arise

Whether you miss a pill, your period is late, or you are worried you may need to take a pregnancy test, Cadence helps you assess risks based on your pill history. Use the private SMS line to speak with a contraception expert directly.

Better understand your body and habits

Cadence helps you gain insights on your pill habits by viewing your pill history in the dashboard. Receive insights on what gets in the way of optimal pill habits, such as certain days of the week or times of the month.


"I'm learning so much about myself, and becoming much more aware of my trends."

– Ann - a 28 year old consultant who travels regularly and relies on Cadence to stay on track

"Cadence really helps me remember to take the pill, and also gives me peace of mind about my likelihood of getting pregnant"

– Julie - a 20 year old student with a dynamic schedule. Between school and work, no two days are the same.

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Cadence Beta

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Cadence Beta

Get started with your Cadence Smart Compact for $29. After that, it’s just $6 a month to access personalized insights in the Cadence iOS app and get access to new features.

Cadence is in Beta with limited inventory, so place your order today to reserve your spot! 

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